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Piezo Z/Tip/Tilt Open Frame Nano-Positioning Platform - P-500 Family

  • Z & Z-Tip/Tilt Versions
  • Resolutions to 0.5 nanometers / 50 nrad
  • Capacitive Feedback for Highest Linearity
  • Closed-Loop Tilt Range to 2 mrad (200 µm in Z)
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • PICMA® Ceramic Encapsulated Piezo Actuators for Outstanding Lifetime
  • 66x66 mm Clear Aperture
  • Parallel Kinematics & Metrology provides Enhanced Responsiveness & Multi-Axis Precision

P-518, P-528 and P-558 are piezo-driven, Z/tip/tilt nanopositioning and scanning stages. The open-frame-design enables transmitted-light applications.. These high-resolution, piezo-driven stages provid linear motion to 240µm and angular motion of 2.4 mrad with resolution to 0.5nm and 50nrad, respectively.

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Z/Tip/Tilt Stage

P-541.Z Piezo Z & Z/Tip/Tilt Open Frame Nano-Positioning Platforms for Microscopy Applications

Piezo Z and Z/Tip/Tilt Stage
  • Low Profile for Easy Integration: 16.5 mm; 80 x 80 mm Clear Aperture
  • 2 Versions: Z and Z/Tip/Tilt
  • 100 µm Travel Range, 1 mrad Tilt
  • Parallel-Kinematics / Metrology for Enhanced Responsiveness / Multi-Axis Precision
  • Choice of Sensors: Capacitive Sensors (Higher Performance) and Strain Gauge (Lower Cost)
  • PICMA® Ceramic Encapsulated Piezo Actuators for Outstanding Lifetime
  • Combination with Long-Travel M-686 Microscopy Stages

P-541 Piezo-Z stages and Z/tip/tilt stages are optimized for light microscopy, nano-focus and metrology applications. The extremely low profile of only 16.5 mm, a large 80 x 80 mm aperture allow easy integration. XY scanning stages with the same footprint are also available.

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N-510 High-Force Piezo-Motor Driven Tip/Tilt +Z Stage

  • Z, tip, tilt Nanopositioning Platform with 3 Integrated Drives (Parallel Kinematics Tripod Design)
  • NEXLINE® Piezo-Walk Drive is Self Clamping, no Heat Generation at Rest
  • Vacuum Compatible / Non-Magnetic Designs Feasible
  • High Load Capacity 200 N
  • High Precision with Integrated Incremental Sensors + Picometer Resolution Dithering Mode

This high-force multi-axis stage is based on PI's patented NEXLINE® self-locking piezo motor drives. These high-precision linear drives were awarded the SEMI Technology Innovation Showcase Award. NEXLINE® technology combines the advantages of piezo class precision with the long travel ranges of linear motor technology.

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High-Force NEXLINE® Z/Tip/Tilt Stage

P-562.6CD Tip-Tilt + XYZ + Rot-Z Piezo Flexure Stage: 6-Axis Nanopositioning System

6-Axis Piezo Flexure Stage
  • 6 Motion Axes: Tip/Tilt, XYZ + Rot-Z
  • 1 mrad Tilt Angle, to 200 µm Linear Range
  • UHV Versions to 10-9 hPa
  • Parallel Kinematics / Metrology for Enhanced Responsiveness & Precision
  • Capacitive Feedback for Highest Linearity / Stability
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • Excellent Scan-Flatness
  • 66x66mm Aperture
  • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA® Piezo Actuators

This multi-axis piezo nanopositioning stage is one of the most advanced piezo systems currently available. Its parallel-kinematic design, where all piezo flexure drives act on the same moving platform, and sophisticated digital control algorithms (see E-712 digital piezo controller) make it possible to achieve highly precise coordinated motion in all degrees of freedom, with straightness & flatness in the low nanometer range.

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