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Motorized Tip-Tilt Stages

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M-042 Tip/Tilt Stage with Piezo Drive Option for Nanometer Precision

  • Superior Resolution & Repeatability to Goniometers
  • One- & Two-Axis Versions
  • Zero Backlash
  • Optional Piezo Drives for High-Resolution Tracking & Scanning
  • Manual and DC-Motor Drives
  • Compatible with Leading Industrial Motion Controllers

These one- and two-axis tip/tilt positioners are designed for small loads and feature resolution and repeatability superior to that of goniometric cradles. Spring preloading eliminates backlash. Versions with piezo translators allow ultra-high-resolution dynamic scanning and tracking.

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Tip/Tilt Stage Tip/Tilt Stage

NEW! Tip/Tilt Kinematic Mount

N-510 High-Force Piezo-Motor Driven Tip/Tilt +Z Stage

  • Z, tip, tilt Nanopositioning Platform with 3 Integrated Drives (Parallel Kinematics Tripod Design)
  • NEXLINE® Piezo-Walk Drive is Self Clamping, no Heat Generation at Rest
  • Vacuum Compatible / Non-Magnetic Designs Feasible
  • High Load Capacity 200 N
  • High Precision with Integrated Incremental Sensors + Picometer Resolution Dithering Mode

This high-force multi-axis stage is based on PI's patented NEXLINE® self-locking piezo motor drives. These high-precision linear drives were awarded the SEMI Technology Innovation Showcase Award. NEXLINE® technology combines the advantages of piezo class precision with the long travel ranges of linear motor technology.

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High-Force NEXLINE® Z/Tip/Tilt Stage

M-833 θY, XZ Stage: Parallel Kinematic Tripod / Goniometer

Goniometer Stage
  • Goniometer Z Stage with Freely Selectable Pivot Point
  • Min. Incremental Motion to 0.1 µm
  • Travel Ranges ±25 mm / ±25 mm / ±30°
  • Load Capacity to 4 kg
  • Precision Servo Motors
  • Parallel Kinematic Design

The parallel-kinematics tripod is designed for precision positioning, offering elevation, translation and tilt motion around the (horizontal) y-axis, with a software-selectable pivot point

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6-Axis Stage

  • Six Degrees of Freedom
  • Operation in Any Orientation
  • No Moving Cables for Improved Reliability and Precision
  • Load Capacity from 2 kg to 2000 kg
  • Ultra-High-Resolution Bearings for 24/7 Applications
  • Resolution to 0.005 µm
  • Significantly Smaller and Stiffer than Serial-Kinematics Systems, Better Dynamics
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions Available
  • Linear and Rotary Multi-Axis Scans
  • Virtual Pivot Point
  • Sophisticated Controller Using Vector Algorithms Included
  • MTBF 20,000 h

PI is the leading manufacturer of high-accuracy hexapods. The company introduced its first hexapod 2 decades ago for a precision optical alignment system in an astronomical telescope and provides a large variety of different models with load capacity from 2 kg to more than 2,000 kg. PI piezo Hexapods and electro-mechanical Hexapods have many advantages over conventional multi-axis positioning systems and hydraulic positioners. They are smaller, offer much higher precision and most are self-locking. Available in many sizes and configurations.

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